Breaking Bread

What brings them back is a full stomach and a satisfied soul. It is that sense of being home that we feel around the kitchen table, and the communion table, feeling at home in God’s presence.


What does it mean that Jesus took responsibility for his neighbors, not giving in to the rule of scarcity but showing us that there is abundance? There is enough.

A Different Way

It is knowing the truth is not only hard to say, but it is also hard to hear. When we speak the truth in love, it does not have a sharp edge to it, like a razor blade; but we say it with all of the compassion and mercy we can muster.

Perfect Weakness

Our faith reminds us at every turn — God’s power is made perfect in weakness. It’s a truth that is as mysterious as the experience of love: an all-powerful, all-knowing God is found in suffering and despair.


No matter who we are we are all in need in one way or another. It can lead us to God, receiving God’s compassion or offering it to somebody else.