A Rocket in Reverse

We do not use the word bored, not because we do not want to miss something exciting, but because what is exciting can make us miss everything else.


There is more than one doorway to the church. We are not just talking about the doorways to the physical building, but all the doorways that lead us to the steadfast love of God.

Hear Again

Even youth grow tired and weary, but Isaiah says we are to look up at heavens and to gaze at the stars. God has stretched out the heavens above us like a tent under which we live.


This turns out to be a gift, so those words that sound so dangerous might be the safest place to root out lives.

Follow Me

Vocation is more than a fancy word for a job. Sometimes they are one and the same, but not always. A vocation is more than what we do; it is closer to who we are.

New Clothes

God clothes us in garments of salvation and robes of righteousness, but sometimes those clothes are too big. We need time to grow into them.